Industrial and Intellectual Property


• Integral counseling and Nominative and Design Trademarks Registry filings; Commercial Notices (Slogans); Utility Models; Industrial Designs and Patents obtainment.


• Integral counseling and literary; musical; software; artistic, website, TV or Radio Shows, photography, fiction characters and the like Author Works and/or Reserves.


• Analysis and legal opinions to companies and businesses regarding their products and services for the de development of distinctive signs and corporate image.


• Audits for companies and businesses, to detect any and all intangible assets subject to registration pursuant to the Industrial Property and Copyrights Federal Laws, as well as the proposal of the best legal protection for such assets.


• Structuring of a better exploitation manner of the trademarks or any other industrial and intellectual right, through the proper planning and consolidation of Alliances, Legal Entities, Joint Ventures, protected under Licensing Agreements for use and exploitation of rights, Distribution or under franchising schemes.


• Carry out the protection of industrial and intellectual rights in transactions through Transfer Agreements due to sale or Assignment of rights.


• Defense litigation of industrial and intellectual rights, challenging violation acts of the same before the corresponding federal authorities, through Administrative Procedures of Infraction, Nullity, Void ability, Cancellation of Copyright Certificates as well as Nullity and Amparo trials.