A truly important activity in Commercial Entities is the holding of General Annual Shareholders´ Meeting. 

This is due to the fact that such Meeting is an event of utmost importance for the Company since it is a moment where three main aspects of the corporate and financial life of the company are discussed and if applicable approved: 

a)Discuss, approve or modify the Administrators´ Report, taking into consideration the Inspector´s Report and take the measures as deemed convenient;

b)If applicable, appoint the Sole Administrator or Board of Directors and the Inspectors;

c)Determine the Administrators and Inspectors compensation in the case such concepts are not contemplated within the Corporate By-laws.

Additionally, the fact of having General Annual Shareholders´ Meetings Minutes support their carrying out, will be a decisive matter in the case of a Due Diligence process which generally takes place when there is interest in acquiring the Company from third parties or in the case of a corporate update. 

General Annual Shareholders´ Meetings besides being mandatory by the General Law of Mercantile Corporations (Art. 181), allows the Company to have a healthy corporate life since through these, a proper communication among administration and surveillance bodies and the main body of the Company, which enables the Meeting to take the relevant decisions on a timely manner, so the proper development of the Company´s business maintains its course. 

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Carlos A. Trosino